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Nothing is more effective with helping you gain high quality lean muscle and strength while keeping body weight down than our fast acting Winn-50®.

Users of Winn-50® report fantastic gains in lean muscle and overall muscular definition by its ability to help enhance your metabolic rate and give you a strong, lean and shredded physique.  Winn-50® has also been recognize  by many of its users to help dramatically enhance muscle endurance and stamina, which can often directly effect and increase athletic performance.

Athletes who desire to add strength and endurance but wish to keep weight down, such as fighters, sprinters, cyclists, or those involved in sports with weight classes, find using Winn-50® can help give them the edge needed to push past their opponents and put them into the winners circle.


Another important attribute of Winn-50® that must be point out is its ability to help athletes recover from strenuous workouts and training.  It is a well-known fact that working out and training are only half of the equation when trying to build lean muscle and strength.  The other half, which is often neglect, is allowing your body to fully heal and recover. Winn-50® was specifically design to aid in this process and; many users have report that recovery times seem to be cut in half and that strength gains appear to increase much quicker.

Additionally, if you desire a strong lean physique that is shred, vascular, and well define, we offer no single better product than Winn-50®.   And when combine or “stack” with Maximum Strength Clen® and/or Tren-75®, results are report to be dramatic and achieved very quickly.


*Winn-50® was specifically design to help:

  • Increase Strength and Endurance Without Excessive Weight Gain*
  • Reduce Body Fat by Enhancing Metabolic Rate*
  • Promote Faster Muscle Recovery*
  • Improve Muscular Definition and Vascularity*
  • Speed, Power and Overall Athleticism*

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