When it comes to burning body fat and increasing stamina, nothing is more powerfully effective than Maximum Strength Thermo Clen®.

There are numerous fat loss products on the market, stimulants and fat burners alike, but Maximum Strength Thermo Clen® is truly unique for one very special reason…IT WORKS…IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS!

While we carry a host of the most effective and powerful muscle building products on the market, our most popularly requested formula is our Maximum Strength Thermo Clen® and the reasons are straightforward:

Thermo Clen® has been formulate with beta-2 receptor stimulation in mind and is design to promote a simultaneously thermogenic and lipolysis effect. This action provides a significant metabolic boost and creates an internal environment that is perfect for fat loss. Not only does Thermo Clen® effectively help burn stubborn body fat, it can significantly reduce and help you control your hunger and cravings. A stronger and more powerful metabolism with more appetite control means one thing – Thermo Clen® will help you reach the lean physique you crave!


Surprisingly to some, Thermo Clen® is also a great tool for those who are looking to build up muscle mass or who are in what’s commonly known as a “bulking phase.” Gaining too much body fat is a common problem when bulking, but Thermo Clen® will help you control the unwanted fat gain so that your gains are of a higher quality. Athletes, be it high performance or endurance, will find Thermo Clen® to be invaluable as it has been design to promote cardiovascular endurance and stamina, which means you will breath easier. All athletes from all walks of life will also find Thermo Clen® provides a significant boost of energy, which is always welcomed when training.

If you want to lose body fat, if you’re looking to enhance your athletic performance or if you simply need a boost of energy or appetite control, you will find Thermo Clen® is the top choice to meet your needs. A highly effective product when used alone, the effects of Maximum Strength Thermo Clen® are a perfect addition to any performance stack.

*Thermo Clen® was scientifically formulate to help:

  • Rapidly Remove Body Fat*
  • Efficiently Burn Fat Calories*
  • Stimulate Fat Cells to Enhance the Breakdown of Triglycerides*
  • Improve Stamina and Endurance*
  • Safely and Substantially Reduce Appetite*

Directions For Use: This product contains 90 capsules and is design to be a 30 day cycle. Take 1 capsules 3 times daily with 8 ounces of water. Doses should be space evenly throughout the day.


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